The finish line is in sight

The second draft of Climbing Yggdrasil is all but finished. What remains is to fix the ending, which all happens rather quickly in the first draft. I did not build the suspense and let the events of the finale ring out as much as I should have. Upon reviewing the final chapter, I have found that it needs to be broken up into at least three chapters.

yggdrasil ending

Each of the colors except blue is getting its own chapter. The blue sections represent a different point of view that occurs at the same time as the action in the pink, green and yellow chapters. Notice that the green section takes up half a page, despite being the most important event of the novel. I remember being ready to just get the damn first draft over with, and so I hastily wrote the end instead of giving it the time it deserved.

New lesson learned: laziness in the first draft makes more work for the second. There is no getting away from doing what is necessary.

I drafted a new version of the blurb and have asked a few friends to give me their opinions. When I have taken all of their advice and used it to create a “final” version of the blurb, I will likely post it here and ask for comments. Once the blurb and second draft are finished, I can send the blurb and spine dimensions to Ellie to get a useable version of my cover. Then it’s off to CreateSpace to print up proofs of the second draft! I could have copies of my book with the new cover in my hand by early August!

In the interest of brevity and being better able to tag my posts accurately, I have decided to try to focus on one subject at a time. This means more posts! This also means categories will now contain more accurate posts going forward, so that I (readers) can find exactly what I’m (they’re) looking for instead of a bunch of posts covering two or three topics at once. This move has been inspired by my previous post, which I reblogged from Winter Bayne (thanks again!).

2 thoughts on “The finish line is in sight

  1. Lukas, I can testify that better tags and categories have increased traffic via search engines. WordPress is optimized for up to 15 tags. More than that and it spazzes out. So write up around 15 tags that have something to do with your posts. It helps. Don’t be lazy on this 😉

    Whenever work is skipped on writing, it catches up to us. When I don’t outline ahead, think & plan ahead…my word count suffers. I spend more time spinning my wheels, filled with self doubt, and staring into space. Sweat up front prevents blood and tears at the back end. No escaping it unfortunately.

    Hang in there and things will come together both for the blog and for the book. I am no expert but I’m here to help if you need something 😀

    • I’m lucky, it feels far less catastrophic than it could have been. Then again, I haven’t started in on those three chapters, that’s probably 6000-7500 words I have to write.

      Thanks for the offer, I’ll definitely come calling if I need anything. I appreciate it 🙂

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