About Me

My name is Lukas, and I am a writer and storyteller from Southern Louisiana. I have been writing stories ever since my mother let me borrow her electric typewriter and I stole a setting from the Neverending Story and likely ripped off the story of whatever anime I was obsessed with. Writers start off borrowing, and even some of our best ideas are cleverly disguised reimaginings of ancient stories. There is nothing new under the sun, after all.

My writing life has recently taken on more form, thanks to fruitful therapy sessions and joining the Quebec Writers’ Federation. Even before I attended my first schmoozer, I launched into old writing projects so that I would have something to talk about. I have since chatted with fascinating local writers at many social events; I took a workshop on personal storytelling which opened an entire new world for me; and I recently completed a fiction mentorship in which April Ford provided invaluable encouragement and feedback on my novel.

I am working on revising the novel, producing zines, and trying to keep up with daily writing practice (because I start losing my grip on adulting if I don’t scribble in my journal every single day). The goal is to actively contribute to the local creative community in a way that sustains a stable financial future for myself, which is an interesting challenge given the way the landscape has changed in a few short (yet interminable) months.