About Me

If you are looking for thoughts on writing, experiences of a writer as he dives into the mad spaces between the worlds in his mind, you’ve come to the right place. Do you write? Let’s commiserate and share ideas and philosophies. Do you read? Have a look at how stories are built.

To be honest, this blog is primarily here for me, but if you want to follow and share thoughts with me, I’m delighted to have you along.


I am a writer, a recent realization of mine. I have written for most of my life, but never had the confidence to call myself a writer (but hey, I write, don’t I?). I am an avid fan of fantasy, with occasional trips into science fiction. I aim to publish, and publish again, and again until I can make a living as a professional author. It may never happen, but I’ll write on nonetheless. I’ve got stories to get out before they consume me.

Didn’t I introduce myself? Lukas Rowland, pleased to meet you.

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