Let’s get personal

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted. In one of my more recent posts, I mentioned that I’m going through a difficult time. I’m separating from my husband of seven years, and I’m having a tough time navigating this reality. There are lots of emotions, there are lots of uncomfortable moments, and I’m doing my best to find my feet and redefine who I am as a single man.

Most of my writing has been restricted to introspection that I pen in my journal. I report arguments and feelings in an effort to sort through my emotions and make sense of the noise in my head. I’ve also been playing guitar, singing others’ emotions in an effort to express my own. I haven’t made time lately for creative writing because the other outlets feel more cathartic at this time.

Perhaps I’m wrong about that, though. Maybe it would be useful for me to play in the lives of my fictional characters, wreak havoc upon them, mistreat them as a way of getting my anger and frustration out. I know that I will return to creative writing, that I will finish my book, and write many others; why not make it part of my healing process? Why not redefine myself with something that I already know to make up a huge part of who I want to be?

Long story short: this is a notice that posts may well be irregular and infrequent for a little while. I haven’t forgotten who I am, I haven’t forgotten my book and my stories. I’ll be around.